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Disneyland Engagement Photos
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Disneyland Engagement Photographer / Tanya & Cam

Anaheim, California

Tanya and Cam are a perfectly adorable couple from all the way up in Lethbridge, Canada.  They have a thing for Disneyland, a serious thing.  So much that they fly down to Southern California from Canada pretty frequently to partake in all the wonders that is Disney.  Even though we never met, Tanya and I have been internet buddies for years now, going all the way back to my angst filled LiveJournal days.  Since that time we've both become successful wedding photographers, and it's been a lot of fun seeing her develop her skills and become quite successful running Tanya Plonka Photography out of Lethbridge.  She's also a crazy talented dancer I might add.

Tanya and Cam's shoot was my first at Disney, and it was exciting having such a varied and scenic backdrop to work with!  The highlight of the shoot was the Dumbo ride at sunset, so much fun and mildly nauseating to be riding backwards in giant circles!  I definitely needed a few minutes after that one.

I'm looking forward to them returning very soon as they're going to be having a gorgeous intimate wedding on the beach in Santa Monica.

Disneyland Engagement Photographer

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Photos by Ian Grant Photography, Seattle, WA


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